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CFC (Common Facility Center)

Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association is proudly announce that our Common Facility Center have running very successfully by the Grace of ALLAH.
Having kept an eye for the need of all the Exporter (Specially Leather Industry) of Sialkot City, we Installed the most latest Machinery at PLGMEA (Common Facility Center), BASF building, Main Defence Road, Sialkot. Now you have a Golden Opportunity to get more benefit at most competitive PRICES.

PLGMEA Common Facility Centre has been set up to provide job work services to PLGMEA members as well as non-members exporters of Leather Garments and Textile Garments and also other Textile Manufacturers.

Following have been installed in the Services Centre:-
• Tajima Embroidery Machines
• Gerber Pattern Making System
• Juki Eyelet Machine
• King’s Ultrasonic Quilting Machine
• Hashima Multi Needle Quilting Machine

PLGMEA Common Facility Centre has been set up to provide job work services to PLGMEA members as well as non-members exporters of Leather Garments and Textile Garments and also other Textile Manufacturers.

Following have been installed in the Services Centre:-


At PLGMEA CFC we have latest Embroidery Machines i.e. TFGN-920 & TFGX-904 models. It became fully functional in December 2005. Common Facility Center providing embroidery services to members as well as non-members.

It may be noted here that PLGMEA CFC is providing services to its members on subsidized rates. In order to emphasize quality we are very much careful about following.
  • Design Making
  • Size of Design
  • Color of Thread
  • Placement of Design

We have adopted following system in Embroidery department to improve the quality of service and output.

Maintain Incoming Design Register: The staff maintains a register to record incoming designs for sampling or production. We are able to judge how long it is taking to reproduce an acceptable design or complete embroidery job on panels.

Maintain samples Approval File: The staff maintains proper file of sample approval cards. It contain sample provided, design made, alterations made and final approved design.

Better house-keeping the machine parts, frames, thread cones and other accessories are properly maintained. The cleanliness is ensured at the place to increase machine efficiency.

Production Design approval the production of embroidery is approved by Mr. Zeeshan Ameen before delivering the panels to customers.

Better Machine Maintenance the machines are serviced regularly: We had one year service contract which has expired and renewed it with M/s. Al-Murtaza Machinery. Proper oils and cleaning materials are being used for servicing the machine.
We ensure maximum quality but it is also communicated to clients that 5% faults are acceptable.


Gerber Pattern making system version 8.1 has been purchased by PLGMEA for service centre. The system was imported in November 2005 but could not be installed due to various problems. But now the system is functional by the grace of God and a renowned Pattern Master Mr. Mansoor has been hired to provide better services to PLGMEA members.

The Gerber Pattern System has following Components.

Gerber Accu-Mark Software the Accu-Mark Professional Edition System comes with full software functionality including Pattern Design, Grading, Making System, data Management and cut Data generation.

Gerber Pattern Input Digitizer the Digitizer allows direct entry of Pattern Piece information into the Accu-Mark System, where it can be used for Pattern modification and the marker making process.

Infinity Plotter The Infinity series of Inkjet Plotters provide continuous output of large markers on proper rolls. They provide unparalleled accuracy and fast throughout of markers


The Juki Eyelet Machine MEB-3200 had arrived in PLGMEA Service Centre in 2006. It has been installed in CFC. We have purchased one air compressor for Juki Eyelet Machine. We have hired one operator for this machine on job work.


We have purchased one Ultrasonic Quilting Machine KQ-1600. The machine has been installed. The supplier M/s. King’s Ultrasonic send their technician who helped in installation and operations.

The Machine is functional but due to its fixed design, it is not very much popular. We need to buy current market Design Rollers, each costing US$ 5000 (C&F)

The machine does not need any running fuel except electricity and air compressor (5 HP) regarding the maintenance, there is oil for hydraulic pump which centers the quilting, which needs to be monitored and filled when indication goes close to bottom point marked on gauge.
The machine consumable parts are Horn, Blades of cutter and Cutter. It is necessary to be changed after use. Beside that 4 extra cutters and 8 horns are with the machine.

Good News for all the members as well as non members that we import two new designs i.e. 1.25” Square and 2” Straight Line 


We have purchased one Hashima Multi-needle Quilting 65SP, which arrived in December 2006. The machine is computerized and many quilting designs are fed into the systems. If we need any other design, we can develop it.

The machine is operated satisfactorily and providing subsidized services to its members and Leather Garments industry.

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