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Plgmea Announcement of Election Schedule



Member Renewal up to
(To prepare list of voters)

  31st March 2022
  Southern Zone Wednesday 22nd  June 2022
  Northern Zone Wednesday 22nd  June 2022
(To Approve Election Schedule & constitute Election Commission)
3. Announace of Election Monday 04th  July 2022
4. Change of representatives Thursday 07th  July 2022
(Within 3 days of announcement of Election Schedule)
5. Display of provisional voters list on Thursday  14th  July 2022
(Within 7 days of announcement of Election Schedule)
6. Objections to the Secretary on voters list
(Within 7 days of issuance of voters list)
Thursday   21st  July 2022
7. Reply/ action on objections by Secretary General
(within 5 days)

25th  July 2022

8. If complainant not satisfied with Secretary’s reply
Objections to Election Commission
(within 3 days of Secretary’s reply)
Thursday 28th  July 2022
9. Settlement of objections by Election Commission
(within 3 days of receipt of objection by Election Commission)
Monday 01th  August 2022
10. Appeal to Regulator (DGTO) Against Election Commission decision
(within 3 days of its decision )
Thursday 04th  August 2022
11. Final list of voters on (copy to DGTO)
(within 2 days from decision of Regulator)
Tuesday 16th  August 2022
12. Filing of Nomination Paper
(within 4 days since finalization of Voters list)
Tue-Friday      16th–19th  Aug 2022
13. Scrutiny of Nominations Paper & Issuance of Candidate List
(Within 24 hours of last day of filing of nomination paper)
Saturday 20th  August 2022
14. Objections in nominations to Election Commission
(Within 24 hours of issuance of candidates list)
Monday 22nd  August 2022
15. Election Commission resolve objections
(Within 2 days)
Wednesday 24th  August 2022
16. Appeal filed with Director General (Trade Organizations)
(Within 2 days of decision of Election Commission)
Friday 26th  August 2022
17. Decision by Director General
(Should be 7 days from filing of appeal)
Friday           2nd   September 2022
18. Final list of candidates
(Within 2 days from decision of DGTO )
Monday 05th  September 2022
19. Election on
(Within Five Days From final list of Candidates)
Saturday 10th  September 2022
20. Announcement of un-official Results Saturday 10th  September 2022
21. Filling of Nomination papers for election as office Bearer duly proposed
 seconded by elected member
( within 2 days)
Tuesday 10-13th  September 2022
22. Scrutiny of Nominations Paper & display of List
(Within 24 hours of last day of filing of nomination paper)
Wednesday 14th  September 2022
23. Election  of Office Bearer on
(Within two  Days From final list of Candidates)
Friday 16th  September 2022
24.  Zonal Annual General  Meetings 
(Within 15 days of Election)
Saturday 24th  September 2022
25. Annual General  Meeting  of Central Saturday 24th  September 2022
26. Display of Election results
(Within 2 days of AGM)
Monday 26th  September 2022
27. Submission of Election Results to Director General
(Within 7 days of AGM)
Friday 30th  September 2022

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