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About Us

  1. To protect, promote and develop Pakistan Leather Garments Industry & Allied Industry.
  2. To consider and deal with all questions and matters concerning the manufacture of Leather Garments & Allied industry, and the trade and commerce in Leather Garments, of its members and devise ways and means to overcome difficulties or problems arising therein.
  3. To make representations to Federal or Provincial Governments, Local Bodies or any other bodies / departments on the grievances and demands on behalf of the members of the Association.
  4. To collect, maintain and distribute or supply such statistics, data and other information necessary for the uplift of the tanning and Leather made-ups Industry through letters, circulars, periodicals and press publicity.
  5. To organize local or international Fairs & Exhibitions to help the manufacturers of Leather Garments and related products and to get benefit out of it.
  6. To establish and promote contacts in foreign countries and develop trade relations with them in order to popularize the Leather Products of Pakistan.
  7. To procure from and communicate with any organization, trade and industry in Pakistan or abroad such information as may seem conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.
  8. To setup Research Institute for the development of Leather Garments & allied trade & Industry including the use and production of indigenous materials to make the country, as far as possible, self-sufficient and to take measures for the development of the Leather Garment & allied industry and for boosting the exports.
  9. To establish and run appropriate organization for inspecting and certifying the quality of Leather Garments & allied products intended for export.
  10. To set up organization or organizations to render specific service to members or non-members on payment of such fees as may be decided from time to time.

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